Claudia frowned, dropping her hands and wringing them in frustration.  “What will you do with his life?  What happens when they don’t WANT to fight?  What if they can’t?  What do you do with them if they lose?”

“I don’t tolerate laziness,”  Saign didn’t hesitate in answering.  It was obvious that she had probably gone over these very questions before and had already worked her way around them to justify them to herself.  “They earn their keep one way,… or another.  None of mine have disappointed me.  If they win enough, they’ll be retired and open to a breeding contract.  The ADC is very interested in using proven stock,… then they’ll probably live out the rest of their lives in luxury.”

“We get to retire when we’ve made our 100th win according to our contract with Saign, with a percentage of our earnings,”  The Rishan in Saign’s team spoke up.  “5% of the profits are invested for us by Saign and she’s good about letting us know how much we have saved.  I’ve been with her the longest and I have 47  battles to win before I can resign, but I already have more than enough in winnings that even if I fall in a battle now and am unable to fight, I can live off it for the rest of my life.”

“79 battles for me,”  Koanei grinned.  “I’m going to buy a nice little tower on Kourwin off the Cousine sea when I retire.”

Claudia stared at them, unable to comprehend how they saw even a moment of their current lives in a positive way.  From the outside looking in,… it was horrible.  The fighting was often brutal and more than one of the dice she had seen on the vids had the look of those who had been abused and were determined not to end up in the very situation they were in.  Yet,… this group seemed to be perfectly fine with the arrangement.