Everyone on the ground was so absorbed in watching the fight above, that they didn’t notice someone joining them.  Riley stepped out of nothing, his boots hitting the ground in quick deliberate steps as he strode directly toward Saign and Claudia.  He was furious and it was written plainly across his face.  He glared intensely at Saign.

“Saign!!  What are you doing?!”  Riley snapped.  “I thought we had an understanding, Saign!!”

“I changed my mind.”  Saign responded flippantly, not bothering to look at the angry littan.

“Riley!”  Claudia was so happy to see him.  Maybe he could put a stop to this.

“Call him off!”  yelled Riley.

“No.”  Saign shrugged.

“You will if you don’t want to be blacklisted and I can do it!”  Riley began to threaten Saign, “You and your team will not be allowed to battle in official ADC tournaments on a single word from me!  You will only find work in the black market tournaments and I’m sure they really care about the dice.  Their money thrives of the death of players, not just fighting!”

“I don’t care, Riley.  We have more than enough crids to offer our services in other areas to the ADC itself and you know it.”  Saign retorted.