Trasik leered at Lexx, producing a handful of brightly colored dice from her pocket. She rolled them around her palm for a moment, then tossed them.

Lexx flared his wings back as a powerful gust of wind threatened to grab them and lift him into the air. Now wasn’t the time.

Trasik’s dice glowed as they rolled into the sand, the largest of them exploding in a blast of pale purple light. What emerged, was probably one of the largest dice Lexx had ever seen. Two heads emerged from the light followed by powerful legs and a thick body with a long winding tail. One of the heads snapped its jaws tightly together and looked a little disoriented, while the second let out an earsplitting roar that competed with the rolling of the ocean waves behind it to be heard.

Lexx stared up at the dice. It was big. It looked like it might be fast and it could most likely fly. Lexx’s mind worked quickly to decide on the best plan of attack or defense. In this weather, they would take risks in flying, but at the moment, the Wyvern was a far bigger target.