Lexx tilted his hand and let his own modifiers roll over his palm and drop into the sand. They barely had time to register with Lexx’s nanos before Trasik’s dice lifted one gargantuan foreleg to turn, then swung the second around to slam into the sand a few feet away from Lexx. Clumps of wet sand flew up into the air. Lexx wobbled on his rock. He flared his wings back slightly, prepared to jump out of the way.

“Riley! Do something!” Chel shouted up at Riley. She could barely hear herself over the growling of the Wyvern and the incoming storm’s rolling thunder.

“It’s against the rules to interfere, Chel.” Riley replied helplessly.

“It’s not right!” Chel yelled.

“No, it isn’t.” Riley stated with a sigh. “But those are the rules.”