“Three plans to put an end to Lexx’s winning streak are in various levels of failure, but one other plan is still active and likely to kill him.” Andisel’s second explained clearly and without hesitation. Failure was not something he was accustomed to, but he would not allow himself any appearance of being worried.
“Likely is not certain.” Andisel snapped as she paced in front of him. “The only backup plan we have is the gauntlet and if he managed to win… he’s untouchable!”


Tally has $99 to go and six days! (Possibly less, need to consult my email.)

Workmen spent all day yesterday tearing up my living room… and my kitchen… :/ Carpet’s pulled up and there’s a huge area of ripped up tile in my kitchen. Today they’re going to repad and lay the carpet and hopefully tile, then clean the carpet tomorrow. Bleah… I can’t walk in the kitchen to do anything due to them also planning to fix under our sink where there’s a huge hole in the boards. :/ Scrambling to figure out what to do about meals since I didn’t know they were going to do this and it’s completely messed up my schedule and budget. :(

Text will be updated by weekend. Concentrating on comics.

– Tiff