Another flash of lightening lit up the battle. The dragon was moving in a confused fashion. Its extended wings billowed in the wind and it shrieked. Both heads were swaying and facing away from each other.

Lexx was nowhere to be seen.

“Just as I thought …” Lexx rested against the frill of the largest of the two heads. He was so light in comparison that the dice did not even notice that he had landed. Lexx turned the pointed end of the spike down and lightly struck the skin behind the dragon’s horns. There were thick, heavy scales all over the creature’s body and even thicker skin, but right at the top of its head there was a noticeable soft spot. “Lots of small soft spots.”

It’s just a baby. Lexx grunted. Just like Trasik to not even use a mature dice. He didn’t look forward to what he was going to do, but it had to be done. Lexx took a breath and spread his wings. The wind immediately caught them and lifted him up.

The Wyvern unknowingly opened its mouth and hissed into the darkness.

“Thrust!” Lexx shouted, releasing the spike straight down through the dice’s head. It was a direct hit. The Wyvern’s lower jaw dropped and it’s eyes widened to a blank stare. A growl died in its throat. The spike exited the larger head only to strike lower in the neck and exit again. It wedged into the creatures body. The second head dropped in shock.