Trasik glared into the darkness, allowing the words to hang in the air. Unable to think of a direct response, she ignored Lexx and stepped forward, issuing a sharp command. “Revert!” The dice immediately vanished in a swirl of light and landed in a pool of blood.

“I never want to see you again.” Lexx sneered as he walked behind Trasik. “If I see you outside of this game … I will kill you.”

“You’ll never get out of this game, Lexx.” Trasik turned slightly and retorted with a cold smile. “It’s always going to be with you.”

Lexx did not respond. He could see Riley and Chel running down to the beach toward him. Several of the dice were close behind them.

“It’s over. I really beat her for the last time.” Lexx couldn’t believe it as the words rushed through his head. “There won’t be another battle with her. Maybe the last with her brothers. They have already proven they don’t all want to fight me.”

Trasik’s words buzzed in Lexx’s head.

“She’s just angry I beat her again.” Lexx blocked out the thoughts. “I’m going to beat this game.” He smiled.