“Up the stairs.”  The dice swung his head in the direction of a hole in the rock wall not far from where they were standing.  Chel had been heading for the stairs there since it was the only way inside she knew about.  “I will take you to Damian.”

“Thank you.”  Chel stated as evenly as she could manage.  She shakily got to her feet and trudged through the sand to the stairs.  Images of nature documentaries featuring large carnivores ran through her head.  Don’t turn your back.  Don’t run.  Well, she could do the not running part, but walking up the stairs backwards might end in disaster.  Fluffy followed at her heels and once her feet hit the first step, Chel could hear the clack of large claws behind her.

“He’ll let me eat you if you’re not who you say you are.”

Chel swallowed hard, fearing from the tone of the huge dice’s voice that he meant it.