Lexx was pushed out of the room and not a word was spoken to Chel. She looked on helplessly. The doctors would be able to do more for Lexx than she could and at the moment, she couldn’t hide the sensation that what looked like Lexx and what really was Lexx, had been in her with room with an obvious intention to hurt her. If Serenity had not been there, what would had happened? But it wasn’t Lexx. She was sure of it. It just wasn’t him.
Victor had other thoughts in mind, but kept his mouth shut. As far as he concerned, this conversation was over before it began and he avoided any but the briefest of glances at Lexx. When he did look, he could not disguise his loathing for the boy and the position he had put him in.
The floating bed was pushed away and Stealth trotted quickly past them with her multiple tails swishing in annoyed short flicks behind her. Riley joined them with a troubled look on his face.
“Please don’t look at him like that.” Riley sighed. “It’s not his fault.” Vic gave him a questioning gaze while Chel didn’t even want to dare to hope Riley had an answer that would ease her father’s concerns.