“You can keep insisting that it was not him, but you also need to tell me why I should not be concerned.” Vic leveled a serious gaze at the much taller alien, diminishing him without another word.
“I can’t.” Riley admitted meekly. Now was not the time to talk back and try to work his charm over on Vic. He was a father and Riley had been reminded very thoroughly of just how differently fathers think than their children. There would be time for a better thought out conversation later, when Riley knew more about what was going on with Lexx and if they could fix it on top of all the other problems he had.
Text, text.. glorious text!

I got up this morning (Sunday) to a cat landing on my face repeatedly and a nice set of scratches as she divebombed off her cat tower set up on my desk onto a large flat plastic container she’d knocked into a slant so she could SLIDE on the lid and land on the bed – only she missed
Then I discovered the computer chair is completely broken.
Then I picked up my laptop and went to do my usual round of things and was prompted to do an update of my Flash Driver immediately after flash crashed – and that began an entire day of trying to clean up my laptop of a very invasive and resistant rogue scamware program instead of doing ANY work. So that’s what I’ve been doing all day, which means I have not prepped comics for uploading or written text.. which I can’t in this chair.. oh and it’s one of TWO broken office chairs now so that all of our chairs are broken or horribly wobbly. :P
Alien Dice is done for the week, but I may update only three times to avoid an interruption if it takes me a long time to reinstall everything over this evening and tonight – which has been my last recourse. So far, Spybot, Malwarebytes and another program simply could not FIND it. The other two programs I ran through that DID find it were shareware and wouldn’t fix it unless I paid them. :P I’ve followed two sets of instructions to get rid of it – none worked. Tried to rollback my computer to a prior update – just locked up after going through the long process of checking my drive consistencey.
Well.. went almost a decade without managing to pick up any such things, so I guess one of them was bound to finally trick me.
– Tiff

*edit* The virus is being cleaned up now by a good virus cleaner.
In other news, knocked $250 off the tally, but it does not equal extra updates due to it not being an actual monetary donation, in case you’re wondering why the jump on the bar doesn’t have any added numbers. $129 is left to reach the end of the goal and get Alien Dice fully caught up!

– Tiff