Victor immediately filled his mind with noise, empty white noise before he even turned around. Clear mind. Clear mind. Five eerily familiar forms of varying sizes were materializing a few steps away from them. They were exactly what Victor had expected and dreaded. He thanked God quickly for the training he had somehow managed not to doze through when he was younger.
The aliens stared emotionlessly and unblinking at the humans before them. Their small mouths did not move as words came from nowhere and everywhere. You know of us well. Do not be afraid. We’ve come to help Lexx. He has done more for us.
The voices were almost identical, but not quite. They varied as much as the aliens before them, in tiny degrees. Each of them had flawless grey skin and large dark eyes. Three were dressed in pale green, seamless uniforms. Two were outfitted in light blue. Each one was slender with little difference in build.