“Who does he think he is?!” Stealth growled to herself. Her latest roll had returned her lovely wings. They felt so natural and balanced she couldn’t resist flying over the beach and out onto a high sea rock. The surface was dry, so she was certain it was out of the way of the waves breaking at the base of the rock. She landed a little awkwardly. It had been a long time since she had her wings, which were native to her Sivarile form.

“Trying to give me a bath indeed!” She ranted further, prickling the fur along her shoulders and neck. Her red mane had lengthened and spread down her shoulders and crimson feathers now adorned the back of her forelegs to the paw pads. “Rolling a side took care of most of the mud -”

“And I can take care of the rest by my-” Stealth flicked a forepaw in annoyance, preparing to lick herself clean. She was just about to lower her head when a huge wave suddenly arced over the rock and crashed down on top of her.