Visibly, nothing seemed to be happening to Lexx. He was suspended in the air and the architects continued their work as though they were programmers at invisible keyboards. Lexx’s hair waved as though wind was blowing through it and his bandages rippled and loosened. Inside Lexx’s mind, the landscape was rapidly changing around his two unknown stowaways.
Riane found herself yanked uncomfortably from where she had been relaxing in her own little private nook in the deep recesses of Lexx’s mind into a landscape of red. Columns of red dotted an endless landscape and she wandered through it curiously. She noticed a pair of bright blue lights darting through the columns and called out to them. “What is going on?”
The lights abruptly stopped their systematic weaving and arced toward her. They circled her in a rapid world wind and a voice stated in surprise. You were not here before? The statement came out with a strong note of questioning bewilderment.
“No, but I am here now.” Riane stared at the lights curiously. “Who are you?”
We are cleansing Lexx. The lights went back to their weaving and Riane followed after them curiously. We wonder if you will remain. Riane frowned at what they were saying. She may not really be ‘alive’ in any generally accepted terms, but ceasing to exist was not really on her timeline of things she wanted to accomplish.

Text will be current again soon. I’m kind of being bogged down by a printer without ink and having to ink comics on the tablet. I’m going to be coloring two updates this morning and hope to have the money to buy ink by noon, if not, I won’t have access to a car again until tomorrow. (Bought food and paid rent over buying a $60 package of ink.) I have five wells in the printer, all but one are empty or almost empty and when I printed out templates last week, they were pink when they were supposed to be grey. :D And I could barely see them. I have problems trying to pencil comics on a computer screen, but I’ll be trying today, otherwise there will only be two AD updates next week. :( I may try a different method. It’s a very different thing to work on a digital piece that’s one large picture and a bunch of comic layouts….

Woohoo! I have enough to buy one ink well, which is out and causing the pale pink color. I should be able to print all my templates for the week ok.

And if anyone would like to share Avengers tickets with us, Groupon has a $6 special today for our local Studio Movie Grill. :D You can send them to my email tiff dot ross at verizon dot net. I’m not using donations to go see a movie, since all that goes to actual necessities. My hubby actually WON two tickets yesterday from a local comic book store to go to the all day Avengers marathon at a local theater. :D Lucky him. Since it’s a weekday, I have to work, and Kim is NOT going to sit through an all day movie marathon (neither is hubby, he’s going after work) – he gets to go with a friend and I get to stay home with Kim – not seeing Avengers. :D I admit I wouldn’t go anyway because 1. I don’t like waiting in lines. 2. I don’t like unwashed fanboys, which I’m sure there will be at least one or two. 3. I go to bed before midnight and that’s when Avengers starts. :D

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