Lexx’s face contorted in obvious pain for a brief moment, then abruptly changed to an unheard scream as spatters of blood suddenly erupted from beneath his bandages.
You may not desire to watch this, but he will survive. The grey intoned in a completely emotionless voice. Chel turned immediately into her father’s arm, unable to watch the pain Lexx was experiencing as the grey’s worked on him. We are being as quick as we can, but this is messy.
Vic watched the screen, feeling really bad for Lexx and fighting very hard with keeping his anger at the greys in check. It was just like them to not care about the pain that their subjects were enduring. As far as he could gather, their bodies had moved so far beyond their natural states, they had lost touch with what it was to experience many more things than simple emotions.
If they did not experience pain, they would not fully be able to understand it in another being.