Lisaan happily diced up goldroot for a dish she was working on. It was a rich, yellow vegetable that Damian enjoyed. Lisaan was more than willing to take over kitchen duty while Damian’s chef enjoyed the day off. She tried her best to concentrate on chopping up the tender root and ignore the conversation occurring in the adjoining room.

“We can discuss that later, Damian.” Riley avoided looking at Damian as he spoke. He wished Damian would take the hint and stop asking entirely. “I’m supposed to meet Lexx and Chel this afternoon.”

“I just wanted to request responsibility for Lisaan.” Damian asked directly. He had been trying to ask that simple question several times before.

“Don’t you have enough females hanging onto your every word without seducing such a weak willed slave?” Riley snorted as though the prospect was a bad attempt at humor.

“Riley!” Damian snapped.

“No.” Riley stated. He was not going to participate in what he considered another of Damian’s ‘charity cases’. Riley had witnessed enough of them to be disgusted by the thought.