Several hours earlier, Keith slogged down a hallway leaving large pools of water to mark where his soggy shoes landed. He smiled to himself as he approached his room, feeling happy and pleased with himself and looking forward to getting into some dry clothes. For several hours, he had been chased by an alien girl in the garden with a hose after disrupting her work day one too many times.
It had been fun, but now Keith was ready to be back inside his room. “Probably a good time to get some sleep.” Keith said to himself as he reached his door. He pressed his palm to the plate and the door immediately slid open.
A fraction of a second later found Keith reflexively jerking backward as the entire doorway was filled with the figure of a person standing in the darkness. He immediately recognized that it was Claudia, grinning at him as though she had been waiting for him to open that door for quite some time. That very thought sent shivers up Keith’s neck and arms. What kind of person would do something like that?!