Back on the island, Lexx happened to still be lingering around when the humans returned to pick up Chalupa. He had wrestled with whether to stay away or let Lisaan handle the creature. His desire to just see Chel won.
“Take it home.” Lexx held up the bound animal by the cords wrapped over her shoulders. She wagged her tail and made an endearing sound toward Keith.
“It’s unnecessary to yell.” Keith winced. He hurried over to retrieve his pet, visibly upset about how Lexx was holding Chalupa. “She’s not hurting anything, is she?” Keith cradled the creature, which looked about as dangerous as a kitten with how it purred and tried to cuddle up to Keith’s chest. Keith pulled at the tape wrapped around Chalupa’s muzzle and gently unwound it. He was glad to see that the tape stuck to itself more than Chalupa’s skin.
Stealth silently motioned to the bandage on her muzzle. Chel grimaced, wondering what sort of wound the bloody bandages covered.
“Get it off my island.” Lexx said. “Now!”
“It’s not your island.” Keith muttered more to himself than Lexx.