Then, Epsy heard a low thrumming sound from behind her.  She whirled around with a growl, her neck arched and jaws parted slightly to show off her teeth.

Zeta was crouched as low as he could without his chest touching the ground amidst several large clumps of leafy plants and ferns.  He had his head and tail down and stood completely still.  In his jaws he had a freshly killed seal.

He had happened upon the animal sunning on the beach and made an easy kill.  Zeta’s stomach rumbled as he did something very unlike himself.  He could have eaten the seal and maybe found something else for Epsy, but his instincts were telling him to take it to her first.  There would likely be more of the plump animals on the beach later.

Epsy made a sneezing sound and shook her head.  She growled a warning, but it lacked any threat.  Her eyes were locked onto Zeta’s and they stared for a moment.  Zeta very slowly inched forward, keeping up the low purr in his throat.

Today’s image, was, btw… done at a large enough size to make a poster out of if there is interest. It won’t be like the last poster…this one will be THICK. If anyone’s interested.