“Yes, I was going to tell you over that Chinese dinner.”  Chel said.

“I was going to tell you about Chalupa.”  Keith nodded.

“Well, now that that’s out of the way, please don’t be hard on Lexx, and don’t push his buttons.”  Chel looked at Keith curiously.  He wasn’t looking at her.

“I don’t know him.”  Keith muttered.  “I was worried he’d hurt Chalupa.”

I’m putting this right here with this update so you can see why I’m not updating next week. :( I drew all three pages.. this one was the one that came out the best, because it was drawn mostly in Photoshop. The others were inked on paper .. that wasn’t prepared for inking and wasn’t inked with the proper pens. I took a lot of time to get them all set up and started shading and now.. today.. I just give up. As soon as I’m able to, I will go out, run to Fry’s and purchase Painter Essentials. It’s the only place locally I can go and get it. I’m not very happy about it. It’s $75 and I just paid $140 I didn’t have to order the Manga Studio upgrade so I could ink – sadly, SmithMicro’s taking their &%$#! sweet time MAILING it and I’m very $%@#! at them at the moment for not working with me to fix the problem that won’t let me just get the stupid serial number and download it.
In the meantime … I’m going to pencil comic pages and probably give extra updates when my tablet returns from being repaired sometime in mid October.
I don’t think I ever realized just how precise I had my methods down until something came along and interrupted them. It also never dawned on me just how much I liked Painter Essentials – it came with the tablet, so I could only use it ON the tablet. :( I had every intention of upgrading it to Painter 11 as soon as I could so I could have it on both machines, but wasn’t able to in time. I don’t want to update these pages as they are. They’ll be finished asap, but the next pages feature lots of fur shading and I did all that in Painter. (After I’ve already put many hours of frustration into them, they’re going up… the lines don’t look too bad once shrunk down for the web… but there are things that need severe fixing.) I’m going to go and pencil now.. sketches .. what would you like to see?