“That’s not true.” Lexx suddenly burst out defensively. “I have a wide array of social skils and know how to please a woman.” Lexx managed to strangle his words down to a whisper when he realized that what he was saying was not the right thing to say, judging by the look at Victor was giving him.
“I … see.” Lexx mentally filed it away to NEVER say anything like that again. He wouldn’t want Vic giving him that look again. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!! Lexx wished he could slam his head into a wall repeatedly for saying something so foolish in front of Vic.


There were supposed to be five updates this week… but there are only three. :( I had a very anxious week culminating in half a day spent down in Dallas talking about Kim to a couple of behavioral psychologists. :D (Going over a few things about myself as well.) Small things, but things we don’t know what to do about. :P She had a brain scan when she was two that showed a few interesting things that might have something to do with it all. She’s very smart, just has a LITTLE problem dealing with some simple tasks that she should not have problems with. :P We find out this week if there will be further testing and if insurance covers it/how much it covers. If they find that she is a touch on the autism spectrum and it’s not too costly, will likely go and get myself tested for it and other things. High functioning, yes, but it’d be nice to know one way or the other and get advice on dealing with it. (No meds.) Well, I might need some. Anxiety runs strong in my family. :/

- Tiff