“It has to be them for the interviews.” The agent said to Mel.
“No grainy video to easily dismiss?” Mel nodded. Of course there weren’t. Smartphones and small tablets with high quality cameras than ever before were making their jobs far more difficult than they once had been.
“Conspiracy theory junkies will be all over this unless we give them what they want without them even realizing it.” The agent smiled. This was a game he enjoyed. Working the best ways to convince a public more eager to believe an elaborate ploy than the truth that was right in front of them. Movie studios ran publicity stunts just like this, in reverse. Making a fake movie was not a problem.
Mel glanced over her shoulder at the two serious looking aliens. “They’re trouble.” She sighed turning back. She was smiling as she said it, but neither Korbaen or Kane could see it.

11/13 – Details In short, decided MAYBE it was a better idea to trade in the beat up old car for a nice new one. I hadn’t considered it… because I tend to want to keep using things until they fall apart and going against that is VERY HARD for me. We got a trade-in and a payment that’s not bad. We have a more expensive vehicle, for less than what we were originally paying on the old one. (It’s more than what we had refinanced for, but it’s not bad.) We were looking at over $1,200 of repairs and maintenance that needed to be done in a short period of time… and now I can concentrate on regular bills and Kim’s medical bills. This helps more than I imagined. So, we now have a nice 2013 Kia Soul. Oh, and the Soul as a CHAIN, not a dang timing belt. Updates will by the way, be sporadic until after Thanksgiving. I will be posting art and other things in the meantime while I recover my schedule and finish up all the commission work and take on new ones over Thanksgiving week as originally planned.

No updates next week – had to dump all my workload to do commissions to fix a broken car window. :( Well, working on it.

– Tiff

More details: We have a broken car window, brakes going out, bald tires and a timing belt that needs replacing! Guess which one gets priority? Yes. The stupid window. I streamed commissions for 24 hours over two days to get the funds and will be getting it fixed on Monday. Needless to say, a bunch of regular work went undone. :(

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