The rolling pile of dirt reminded Chel a lot of a cartoon, but a bit more ominous since whatever was inside of it was coming directly at them. Lexx didn’t seem very concerned. Zeta bumped up against his legs and Stealth vanished into the grass to one side.

“Quiiip!!” The mound had just about reached them when it exploded, dirt and grass clods flying anywhere. The same exact creature that they’d been viewing on the ship emerged and landed a few feet away in all his six inch glory. To say he was tiny, was an understatement. Dig blinked up at Chel, Zeta and Lexx and growled viciously. His ears twitched and he set himself up for battle.

Nothing happened. Chel stared at the little creature, “That’s Dig?!” Her jaw dropped in amazement.

“Yup.” Lexx folded his arms in disgust. He was small, very small this time around. “Tiny little thing, isn’t he for causing all of that rumbling.” In the same breath, without hesitation or even bothering to roll the third modifier, Lexx added, “Zeta, Stealth, sic’m.”

Stealth emerged from the grass, crouched and ready to pounce, “No need for more dice on this one.” She hissed. Dig didn’t turn his head, noting her out of the corner of his eyes.