“It’s okay.” Victor put on his best child friendly face. “What do you think I’m going to do? Eat her?”
“You don’t have a big enough mouth!” Maenae laughed.
Riley glared at Victor.
Lexx glared at Riley. He opened his mouth to tell Riley to take Maenae away, but was interrupted by an excited shriek from the little girl.
“Look!! IS that Epsy?! Wow, she got big!!”
Lexx jerked his head in the direction Maenae was looking and was met with a horrifying site. Zeta and Epsy had just come to the top of the stairs leading up to the baloney. Epsy was carrying the pale remains of the arm she had taken. Lexx was dumbfounded. Why did she have to choose now to show up?
There was little consolation that Epsy looked like she was back to normal.
She shouldn’t be here. Just like Maenae. She should not be here.