“No, you can’t read it, Lexx.” Chel clutched the notebook to her chest. She wasn’t sure how he’d react if she told him he couldn’t do something. She also felt the need to add, “It’s a personal journal for uhm,… secret stuff.” She didn’t realize the mistake she’d just made.

Lexx’s interest was immediately piqued. A smirk spread over his face, accented with a mischievous glint in his golden eyes. “It’s a book. Books are meant to be read!” Chel winced. She could hear her brother’s voice echoing in Lexx’s tone. Lexx leaned closer, remaining casual as he recalled a happier time at the ADC Academy.

The girls had always been big on keeping diaries and so had some of the guys. He’d been notorious for figuring out ways to swipe these books when they were misplaced and pulling numerous pranks with them, using what had been written. Lexx had at times, been a pest to the other students and especially the faculty. This was back when he was young and not so weighted down by the reality of his life.

“I never got the point of writing secrets in a book. If you’re writing something down, you don’t really want it to be a secret since someone will find it and read it,… like me.” He lowered his voice, speaking playfully. “Even if you don’t let me read it now,.. you can’t watch it all the time and when I find it,.. I’m reading it!”