Luckily for Dig, his low to the ground orientation made him almost impossible to hit right. Noting Stealth coming, he tilted his shell toward her, opting to get a little burned by Zeta’s fire over being knocked down and taken out immediately. His claws sunk into the ground as Stealth hit him. “I got him!” So you think. Dig’s claws set in the earth immediately began churning it up around him. “Maybe not,…” Stealth’s paws sunk into the earth as within a matter of moments, Dig had taken advantage of his namesake and had vanished down a hole.

Zeta bumped Stealth aside with his head and shoved his muzzle down into the hole. “Zeta got idea!” Breathing through the corners of his mouth, Zeta blew smoke down into the opening. “Zeta make undergrass smokey, hard breath!” Around them, wisps of white choking smoke wound upwards into the air, coming up here and there further and further away.