“If they aren’t going to tell me, I’m not telling them.” Half an hour later, Chel threw herself onto her bed and took a big breath. The discussion had gone nowhere.

“That doesn’t get you anywhere, Chel.” Kip hovered over her. Chel stared at him, somewhat surprised that his parents hadn’t tried to grill him too. “You should tell them everything. What can they do?”

“I didn’t ask you to be my conscience, Kip.” Chel snapped.

“You’re angry. They’re angry.” The words sounded funny coming from Kip. “And you’re all stubborn.”

“What happened to my shoulder, Kip?” Chel demanded.

“Riley dropped by while you were sleeping and took off the bandage and applied medical nanos.” Kip replied quickly. He had been sitting on that little bit of information for awhile now. Riley had instructed him not to tell Chel that he had been there. He had said it was important and been in a hurry and Kip had detected enough urgency and concern in his emotions to listen.