His rage turned quickly to guilt. Lexx’s surface thoughts were open when he was asleep and sometimes awake. He could lock his thoughts away, but Chel? She was an open book if anyone found out she had a relay and anyone probing might find out.

Lexx tossed the book without a word, swinging his left arm out to make Chel let go of him. Quietly, followed by an air of intense brooding, Lexx departed from the living area back to the bunkroom. He didn’t say anything.

‘What’d I do?’ Chel glanced after him, kneeling to quickly retrieve her notebook. She was mildly hurt by the way Lexx had acted. There was no figuring him out. She hadn’t appreciated him taking the book from her and teasing her with it, but now he was angry and she just didn’t understand what she’d done.