“I am not going to hurt anyone.” Victor was quick to try to calm Maenae. “I am just visiting, right?”
“Maenae, stop that.” Lexx was trying his best to remain calm. He was glad for the interruption, but Maenae being upset only made him more determined to get her off the island. “That is unnecessary. Riley, take her back to the ship now.”
Riley helplessly carried Maenae to the door. She was not making it easy on him with her squirming and kicking.
“I want to stay!” Maenae screamed and cried louder.
“Why don’t you let her stay?” Victor smiled. It really wasn’t necessary that she leave in his eyes. It was interesting to see an alien child that acted so much like a human child. He also wanted to find out why she kept calling Lexx ‘Daddy’. “She’s a cute little girl.”
Lexx froze, rattling off what he’d like to say through his mind as he looked at Victor. Because I simply don’t trust you, Chel’s father or not. You’re some strange human who’s just a little too interested in us.
“Daddy, …” Chel stepped forward, hoping to intervene before Lexx said something they would all regret.