And then, Claudia did something really unexpected, at least from Lexx’s viewpoint. She saw Chel. Her face immediately darkened and she clutched Lexx close to her, “Who is THIS, Lexx, Dear?! You’ve replaced me already?!” She hissed.
Chel’s jaw dropped slightly overhearing the comment, then dropped further as Claudia tore herself from Lexx and her voice rose to a wail, “How cruel of you,… and with a common EARTH girl!” Chel edged a few steps further away. This was not something she wanted any part of. “Why? Why, choose her over a celestial goddess like myself?!” Claudia’s voice lowered to a more dramatic level, “Oh,.. what did I do to deserve this?!” Lexx could feel his heart hit level 2 panic. He inhaled deeply, unsure of how to handle this. Like most men, females taking on that tone and starting to produce tears, whether real or not gave him a deer in the headlights sensation. “I’ve been so faithful to you and even followed you to this back world!!” Never mind that Lexx hadn’t asked her to follow him nor did he want her hear.
‘Ok,… I already don’t like her.’ Chel frowned, irritated by the display. It was shameless and in her opinion, completely unnecessary. Stupid games that she’d seen played on many unsuspecting and well-meaning boyfriends. Fly glared from Chel’s shoulder, his ears back and eyes narrowed.
“Zeta wonder what do to deserve this hisself.” Zeta let out a low sigh.
Stealth had already taken to talking to Claudia’s dice and flinched her hears back at the whining, and Dig ambled over. “I really despise that woman.” He hissed to the two.
“She isn’t that bad all the time.” The Kangaroo dice’s ears twitched and she bobbed her head.
“Claudia,.. this is Chel, Chel,… Claudia.” Lexx did the only thing he could think of and introduced the two, hoping to completely evade Claudia’s meaningless accusations escalating any further.