“They have names.” Chel scowled. It annoyed her that they kept referring to them in an impersonal way. It was partially her fault, but it didn’t make her feel at ease that they didn’t recognize how much they meant to her. Even that meddlesome Riley.

“We’re talking about Lexx and Riley now?” Kalvin probed curiously.

“RILEY?!” Vic exploded, slamming a fist down on the table hard enough to make the plates jump and Andrea have to dive to keep her glass from tipping over.

Chel stared at her father, unsure of what to make of the outburst. It wasn’t like him. Wait. She stared. Riley had some explaining to do. How did her father recognize his name? Was it some other Riley? No. It had to be the same one. Chel swallowed nervously.