“You can’t have him, he’s MINE!” Claudia was quick to stake her claim on Lexx, whirling around to face Chel in the most intimidating fashion she could muster.

Chel felt less than threatened; instead, she was annoyed. Fly shifted on her shoulder and made a pathetic attempt to growl. “Uhm,… I don’t want him.” The girl stated, glaring at Claudia. “We’re just friends.”

“Good… mine!” Claudia hissed, lunging back at Lexx and hanging off his cloak.

“Let go of me, Claudia! I do NOT belong to you!” Lexx grated, hoping she’d let go without him having to remove her. Mainly because he couldn’t remove her easily if she didn’t let go of her own accord.

“Oh,… hush! You’re so cute when you’re angry!” Claudia giggled in a giddy fashion. “I understand if you want to keep things discreet in front of the human! I really do!”

“No, you don’t understand! I don’t want you touching me, because I don’t want you touching me!!!” Lexx tried to step back to emphasis the point that his personal space was being invaded. Claudia didn’t get the point.