“Do -not- speak to me, Saign,”  Lexx snarled as Acadiu stopped leaning against him and limped forward.  “You-”

“Lexx,”  Riley was quick to cut Lexx off before he said something that he might regret.  The littan rested one hand on Lexx’s shoulder.  The touch was enough to silence Lexx.  “Come with me to my ship and I’ll get my doctor to look at you.  That wing isn’t going to heal right unless it’s stitched and bound fast.”  Over the relay he was adding, ‘Lexx, don’t say anything.  Remember, they’re listening.’  He was met with a cloud of darkness, blocked from Lexx’s relay by a fierce anger.  “Claudia?  Coming?”

“If I’m invited.”  Claudia nodded.

“You are,”  Riley didn’t even look at Saign.

‘Lexx?  Why’re you closed off to me?’  Riley prodded harder across the relay.

‘Later.’  There was only a cold reply from the Rishan.

“Let’s go,”  Riley removed a small remote from his pocket and a misty door opened just behind them.  They turned to walk into it with Saign and her team watching them leave.  The trio were in such a hurry to leave, that they neglected to call for their dice,.. which would probably not have heard them anyway.  Dash, Rook and Illo had wandered off, not wanting to be anywhere near the battle and supposing when the clouds cleared, they would rejoin their masters.