Four sets of alien eyes stared at the images of Lexx and Chel that covered the far wall of the viewing room. Zaile, Riley, Cinka and Maelinn were watching, each with a different thought in mind.

Cinka saw an opportunity for getting to loosen up Zaile later.

Maelinn stared, simply lost as to what was going on. Because of her time in the ADC, she loathed the game and felt sorry for the players. She thought of Lexx and Chel as being foolish for taking a step in the wrong direction.

Riley couldn’t help but smile. ‘Go, Lexx… don’t push her away. You need her. She’s a strong girl. I’ve seen it in her.’ He was feeling oddly proud about it and leaned back to gauge Maelinn’s expression curiously. Any excuse to look at her. Earlier, she had decided to darken her hair for something new. Now, a cascade of ebony black with a goldish sheen framed her lovely face.

“Zhoul!” Zaile cursed, grinding his teeth in annoyance. “What are they going to do next?!” Savage human. It would not have surprised Zaile if in a few minutes they were both naked and putting on a show for millions of viewers. “I can’t believe he’s willingly letting that human touch him!” It disgusted him. “This makes no sense! He hates everyone!”

What was so special about this girl? She was just a human. She was crude. She was backward. There was no way that Zaile would ever touch such a loathsome creature. And he hated her. The bad thing was, the thought crept into his head that Rishans are human. The differences were on the surface, but Rishans were an improvement upon humans. Weren’t they?

Were they smarter because of the technology they grew up around? Would a Rishan be no better than a human if raised among them? Would a human be equal to a Rishan if they were raised among the stars? More. It made Zaile furious that Lexx might be feeling happy. He had no right to be happy. As far as Zaile was concerned, Lexx was trash, to be discarded in a miserable or dead existence when he was done using him. Zaile hated Lexx more than anything he’d ever encountered and that hatred flared now.

He had no right.

No right at all.

He deserved to be miserable for what he’d done to Zaile. It didn’t matter that he had money and power. Lexx had gotten something that Zaile had not. Something more important than any possession Zaile had, and he hated him for it. But at the same time, Lexx was the key to finding something that would mean more to Zaile than his hatred. His little sister. Cast aside just like Zaile, because they only chose to keep one. He would have her and he would finally have what he wanted most. His family.

“Yet,…” Riley spoke up, breaking through Zaile’s mental tirade. “You’re watching it willingly? Could always go to another feed.”

“As repulsive as it is,…” Zaile snorted. “I admit to being curious, especially since I have premium pass notification. Someone scheduled time with Lexx and I’m wondering who.”

“Voyeur!” Riley teased.