Lexx has a private visitation scheduled, a Premium Visitation, which means that time has been purchased that will not be viewed by regular viewers, but only investors and those who can afford the price.

The reason is varied. Sometimes, it’s for social events. It’s a status symbol to be able to purchase time from an indentured player, especially a popular one to accompany one somewhere as an escort. Some players are quite happy with the time off from the game and they are usually compensated, more depending on what the buyer wants. They don’t have to do what is requested of them other than appear and chat idly.

Other times,… a part of the request is more base, such as what was sometimes purchased from gladiators in the coliseums of Rome. A thrill. A challenge on occasion.

In Lexx’s case,… the only two times anyone got more out of him than talking was in the case of a littan female and a sneaky female sairah. Neither were wanted to begin with. Both had managed to get Lexx to do things he wouldn’t normally do, things best left behind closed doors. Drugs wouldn’t work on Lexx, neither did the Littan’s ability to control. The nanites prevented him from getting drunk.

How had they done it? Lexx didn’t think about it. It was too disturbing. As far as he was concerned, he’d been violated. That had been three times in his life. He didn’t want to remember any of them.

But he did recall one thing.

There was a sound while he was showing off for a requesting audience that he could drink the most powerful alcoholic beverage they offered without it impairing him at all.

After the sound, everything was a blur and he didn’t like what he did remember. Nor did he like the massive headache that he’d waken up to the following morning.

A note on Nanites. They are programmable by sound, as originally created. Most of it has been disabled, but some fail-safes were never found. Very few know the correct sequence of tones, but those that do can shut off the nanites for a time.