Lexx, Zeta and Fly stood next to a wooden fence in a quiet neighborhood. It was early morning, but most of the people who lived here had already left for work, school or were off doing their own errands. It was quiet.

“We have to be quick.” Lexx glanced around the fence, “We don’t need another human encounter.” He patted Zeta on the head and noticed a dog sleeping on the grass just outside the side porch of a nearby house. “And stay away from that sleeping dog. Don’t need it barking at us and attracting any attention.”

Zeta bobbed his head and darted around the fence. Fly hopped up onto the top of the fence and ran down it, alert for anything out of the ordinary. Lexx leaned against the fence, waiting for the two. Fly wouldn’t draw a lot of attention, he looked like a real squirrel, at least, close to one. Zeta on the other hand would, but neither of them would as much as Lexx would.

Half an hour passed without any sign of the Energy dice. Lexx had followed the fence around in a circle and seen nothing. Not even a human. Fly hopped onto his shoulder and sighed. “Nothing, Lexx.”

“Ok. We’ve been walking in circles and still haven’t found the Energy dice, but it has to be nearby. Maybe we should try later tonight,… although that will throw off my plans.”

At that point, the sleeping dog hadn’t moved an inch. Now, his left ear twitched, listening to the conversation. It was his part in this to be hunted and captured and he was very bored laying around. He raised his head and made a low woofing sound, “Wouldn’t want that.” He blinked and stared directly at Lexx, electric blue eyes brightening.