“Sister?!” Zaile almost choked on the word. “Where did she come from? Where did Lexx get a sister?!” He sputtered, further overcome by the news. “Why wasn’t I privy to this?!”

“Someone’s meddling.” Riley couldn’t help but smile despite the seriousness he poured into the statement. He was grateful that Zaile wasn’t looking at him. ‘Hah!’ Riley gloated to himself. ‘You’re not the only one with plans!’ Then he spoke aloud. “But what can we do about it now that he knows?”

“I didn’t know,.. who is she?” Zaile was still focused on the news. “Who is she? I want to know everything.” He stared at the screen, watching a recap of the events. “Everything, Riley.”

“I’ll get right onto it.” Riley got up and stretched. “I’ll have something for you in the morning, Zaile.” He slowly made his way out of the room, grinning to himself. He already had a file prepared to give Zaile, with just enough information to keep him interested.