“Argh!” Fly was a very quick one to get frustrated, having the high-strung nature of a squirrel deeply ingrained in his makeup. He was impatient to begin with and the dog egging him on was not helping. Zeta was lying in the grass nearby, pulling up clumps of dirt and vegetation in aggravation and tossing them into the air. “Maybe you can get out of the way of a few… but let’s see how you hold up against hundreds!”

The air was almost suddenly filled with small round bubbles with an incandescent golden glow. They bobbed about, bouncing and being swept by the wind in unpredictable patterns. Energy was immediately swarmed and hit by more than one. This wasn’t good.

A dozen tiny exact replicas of the energy dice sparked, then appeared in separate bubbles. The squirrel cackled triumphantly as the remainder of the bubbles vanished, leaving only the dozen with very sour looking bassets.

“Good going, Fly!” Lexx glanced around the fence, then ran out onto the side lawn with a ring in hand. “Ok, Energy, we have to make this quick!”

A dozen tinny voices barked with an electric buzz, “I was getting bored anyway.” There was no mistaking the bitterness at being caught in this way.