“That’s cute,…” Chel grinned, rising to her feet and watching the otter swim around playfully. It was one of the dice, she was sure of it and it’s antics brought a smile to her face. It was fast, swimming in circles around Lexx as he waded to the shore.

“But we’re not here for her.” Lexx attempted to ignore the otter, rubbing his hands together in a futile attempt to dry them. “Beat it mischief!” He snapped as she floated near him, bobbing her head just above the surface of the water, squeaking.

“Sometimes they land close together. Drift should be nearby.” Lexx grumbled, noticing that Stealth had quickly abandoned him to go shake out her fur on the dry bank. What he didn’t see, was that Stealth had already caught wind of what they were looking for. A very tiny fluff of pale brown feathers was barely visible in the uppermost branches of a nearby tree.