“Epsy, don’t let her get away!!” Lexx had turned away from Stealth and Drift, sure that his secondary dice wouldn’t need any help from him. “Modifiers are expensive to replace!!” He ran after Epsy, wings upraised in anger. He was cold, irritated and not about to lose one of his best modifiers because Mischief felt like playing a game.

Mischief chattered and bounded I the shallow waters, running around and through Epsy’s legs as the larger dice attempted futilely to pin her down with her forepaws. Mischief was just too agile and quick.

Drift rolled over, beak clacking nervously, his feathers still fluffed. Quickly, he found his feet and leapt away from the tree, running like his life depended on it. Stealth growled and leapt to the ground, landing in a run for the squat ball of feathers. In one jump she pounced on him and knocked the air out of his lungs. Drift gasped sharply, trying to squirm out of Stealth’s grasp.

Stealth growled, the creature managing a few more steps under her paws before being slammed down again in the grass. This would be much easier if she didn’t have to catch him alive. And then, the tingling sensation began, ruffling the fur along the back of her neck. Just enough maneuvering to slide her level up to four.

Before her eyes, Stealth could see her forepaws double in size and the black give way to a pale cream color. The higher the levels were she attained, the closer to her base form she’d become in many ways. Now she was nearing the color phase of a young adult female Sivarile, cream with a dark red mane and four tails. She was disappointed that wings had not emerged from her shoulders, but happy that her body strengthened all the way around.

Delicately, she picked Drift up by the loose skin around his neck. He had lucked out in ending up with wings, although he was tiny compared to his base form. Drift’s original form was from the same planet as Stealth’s, but a different species. “Mreow! At least you’re good for something, Drift! Up a side, so much better!” She purred out of the corner of her mouth.

“Great fanged brute!!” Drift had found his voice and shrieked in protest, flailing wings and paws about erratically. “Put me down! My feathers!!”

Epsy panted. Chasing after Mischief was more work than she’d thought it would be. The otter vanished beneath the water and Epsy arced her neck over it to see where Mischief was. Because of the bluish color of Mischief’s fur, it was hard to see her. Then, the modifier dice popped out of the water and hit Epsy on the head.

“Stealth!” Lexx breathed a sigh of relief and surprise as she approached. “Good job! And you rolled to the next side too. Excellent.” He leaned forward, waiting to take Drift from her jaws and tag him.

Chel watched nearby, amazed that Stealth had changed so much. ‘Whoa,… Stealth’s’ as big as Dash now,.. how am I going to explain that to mom and dad?!’