“I need to finish party preparations and oversee arrangements for the gifts to arrive.  I’ll be returning to the surface soon, but you’re welcome to stay and keep Chel company.”  Damian offered politely to Mauki.  The two were in the same room as Chel but separated by a translucent partition.

“I have nothing to do and I think she may want to vent some more about Riley,”  Mauki grinned, watching the shadows move across the partition.  “It’s always entertaining to hear what my brother’s up to.”

“I suggest you not talk to her while she’s naked …. or move faster,”  Damian snickered.

“Yes, I concur.”  Mauki squinted through his right eye, which was already swelling shut.  He wasn’t paying attention to what was being said around him and had followed Chel into the other part of the room.  The attending tailors had taken off Chel’s shirt, despite her protests and then, she had noticed Mauki was still there.  The black eye was purely accidental as Chel had lunged for her shirt, which was being carried off by an attendant walking behind Mauki.  Mauki slipped and Chel smacked him in the face with her hand trying to keep him from falling on her.  It had been a fairly comical sight to Damian who knew better than to be where Chel could see him.