Lexx took the two packages off the server. He unwrapped a pair of cups and handed one to Chel, putting the wrapping back on the porter. The porter sucked the wrapping inside a small opening and hovered off. Chel stared at the cup. It had a covering over the top that she couldn’t figure out how to open.

“I can drink this?”

“You don’t have to ask me for permission.” Lexx smiled noticing her problem with the lid. “Like this.” He tilted the cup and bit the rim, tearing the seal. “Crude,… but you can eat the cup as well and if I can drink it, it shouldn’t bother you and it’s quite good.”

Chel tentatively did the same, biting the rim and finding she had to chew on it to get it open.

“Zeta want drink!” Zeta nudged Lexx’s leg.

“Remember last time Zeta?” Lexx asked the dice.

“Zeta get sick?” Zeta sighed. Not that he cared.

“Precisely.” Lexx nodded, looking back at Chel to see how she was doing.