“Here?! Right here?!” Lexx thoughts were jumbled up and his voice squeaked slightly. “There isn’t enough room.” He couldn’t think straight with her towering over him, so close by with that arrogant sneer across her face.

“No.” Trasik laughed, “Down in the arena. You have 15 blips.” She turned to walk away, satisfied with the effect she had on Lexx.

“Lexx?” Chel tried to get his attention by grabbing his cloak. His eyes were wide and fixated on Trasik as she walked away. He didn’t say anything to Chel, turning slightly to look at her with clenched jaws. “Do you have to fight? Can’t we just leave?” Chel inquired quickly, concerned about what might happen if he fought here, way out here. It was one thing to fight on Earth, but here,… what would happen to her if he lost? She didn’t want to see him lose at all, but this was even worse.

“No.” Lexx gritted his teeth harder in frustration. “If I run from a challenge, she has every right by game rules to attack my ship,… even with a nonplayer on board.” He needed to pull himself together, for his own sake and Chel’s. His fear was really unnecessary and he knew it. He just couldn’t stop the emotion immediately.