The dice lifted its tail again to swing, only this time, Lexx ran toward it and leapt upward in an attempt to grab onto the tail. He had to stall for time and keep away from the creature’s front end. The tail was dangerous, but the black tongues indicated that this dice was poisonous. Lexx was familiar with its type. It came from the same planet Zeta’s base did, only was much more vicious.

“Charge!” Lexx felt the time tick by and it was time for him to make his move. He did nothing, merely hanging on as the tail swung through the air. The dice was trying to get him off by shaking him, instead of smashing him. That worked in Lexx’s favor. For several minutes it moved in circles, trying to reach him and at several points the tentacled heads came close enough for Lexx to smell the venom.

“Charge!” A head darted in and snapped just inches from Lexx’s face. He let go with one hand and barely avoided the head. Unfortunately, with only one hand he couldn’t keep his grip and the next swish of the tail sent him flying through the air.

“Charge!!” Lexx couldn’t do anything to stop himself, just repeating the same word again without thinking about where or how he was going to land.