The shards didn’t seem like they’d ever stop coming, but Lexx managed to avoid any serious hits. The floor of the arena was littered with the crystals as well as Lexx’s blood. It was almost time. He could feel the energy building.

The dice finally stopped and approached, moving in for the final blow. Jaws open it went for Lexx. Lexx steadied himself. He was already worn by the battle and effort, despite the glow that suddenly encompassed him. The dice didn’t notice, thinking it just had to grab the luckless alien before him, shake him and be done.

With one deep breath, Lexx straightened himself and lifted his hand, staring into the open mouth and stating in a commanding tone. “Stop!!”

And it did.

Shock mirrored in the dice’s eyes, glistening in the rays of white light focused fully onto it from Lexx’s hand. It swallowed hard, gagged and then shook. It couldn’t breathe and there was a strong squeezing sensation on its chest. Trembling, the dice staggered backward, mouth gaping as it tried desperately to breath and rid itself of the internal coils.