The dice went down hard, foam appearing around it’s mouth. The green eyes bulged from all three heads. A low whine filled the arena as the creature writhed in apparent pain.

“You know he won’t recover unless you recall him, Trasik.” Lexx rubbed his injured arm, limping toward the defeated dice. He was healing, but since he was no longer in active battle, the nanites had slowed to a level that would give Lexx time to take supplements. None of his injuries were serious, even though several were bleeding freely. The blood was soaking into his shirt and pants. Such a waste. Lexx was going to have to dispose of the shirt. It was too ripped to salvage.

“I will cede this battle to you, this time, Lexx.” Trasik hissed as she approached. This had been much quicker than she had anticipated. The previous battles had taken much longer. Either Lexx was much stronger than she had thought or she was losing her abilities in training good combat dice. There had been a theory that each time an indentured player completed a game, despite being knocked back ten levels, they retained all of their experiences and strength, just not the actual abilities.

It was a flaw. There were many flaws in the game. These made it all the more interesting and challenging. The creature glowed and reverted back to dice form as Trasik reached it.