“I will see you for dinner on my ship, Riley?” Trasik turned to leave.

“Of course.” Riley nodded, “Later!” He patted Chel’s shoulder and pulled her a little closer. She was rigid with fear and didn’t want to be so close to him. He hadn’t turned her over to Trasik, but the fact remained that he was her brother and she was his sister.

“She’s your sister?!” Chel finally gasped out as Trasik was out of hearing. She tried to push away from Riley, but he wasn’t loosening his grip and it was like fighting against a brick wall. “Let me go now!!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Riley stated calmly, brushing Chel’s hair back over her shoulder. “Don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Let go!” Chel persisted. “Lexx!!” She whined looking out onto the arena and down the stands to see if she could find him. “Hurry up!!” Then she noticed that both Zeta and Stealth were sitting and staring at her with almost amused looks on their faces. “Stealth,.. Zeta? Why aren’t you doing anything?”

“He’s not hurting you, is he, Chel?” Stealth purred.

“Riley not Trasik! Riley NICE!” Zeta piped up cheerfully, happy that Trasik was no longer nearby. “Give lots of treats and rub Zeta tummy!” He chortled.

“And that is the important thing.” Stealth added sarcastically.