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Web Comic Awareness – May 05, 2002

It’s that time again, to make readers more aware of web comics, yeah, sure you read them, but this is one of three little special images, which, btw, to make up for not updating on Monday, I’m making this image of Lexx available as a wallpaper and print if wanted.

On average, your most favorite webcartoonists most frequently voiced complained ist that of no feedback. Nobody writes them email to let them know they enjoyed their strip, the current arc, etc. Nobody posts to their forums… and they’re very lonely forums indeed. After a while, this lack of feedback starts affecting many a cartoonist. They start wondering if they have any effect at all. People read the comic, but don’t care enough to say they like it or encourage the cartoonist … and then… the cartoonist starts not updating as frequently, maybe goes on a very long hiatus, loses heart in doing their work and eventually… it may end and there goes another, possibly very good comic that people enjoyed, but never felt the need to comment on.

Now, that does not mean flood their box with email, but you know, once a month would be nice, even a quick visit to the forum, a short paragraph in an email or guestbook…

We have links to our emails and forums for a reason!!

– Tiffany Ross