Meanwhile, Lexx, Chel, Zeta and Stealth made their way back to the docking bay. The halls were a lot less crowded now. Most of the aliens were off in the recreational areas of the ship celebrating their winning bets on Lexx.

“I thought that thing was going to kill you, Lexx!” Chel felt she had to say something. “What did you do to it?”

Lexx didn’t think about it as he answered the question. He really liked the concern he could hear in the girl’s voice. It made him feel warm and ache less from the battle. “Multiplied stop. Normally, it only freezes a dice in place for a few minutes,… multiplied and focused. It can affect any part of the body more effectively. His heart and lungs stopped.”

Too much information. Stealth trotted ahead, not about to be stuck in the middle of what she could see coming.