The cat scratched at the door and meowed louder. At any moment, she expected to be lifted by the scruff of her neck and carted off. A quick glance back confirmed her suspicions. He was there, on the other side of the fence, but it was too late. The doorknob was turning and a ray of light spread out over the damp cement step. She wasted no time, darting through the door as soon as she could fit.

Lexx watched from just behind the fence, eyes narrowing in disappointment. Now, how was he going to get her out of there. He felt Zeta bump up against his legs as another flash lit the sky, the rain stopping as abruptly as it had begun. Zeta was afraid of the storm,… so it wouldn’t be a far stretch.

“Zeta, stay here. I have an idea. Just wait for me to come out with Stealth.”