Chel looked at Lexx, aghast at the fact that he could so something like that. He was really dangerous. He had all of that ability to cause serious harm,.. and she was standing next to him. For a moment, she slowed down, not as confident to speak. “… you are that powerful, Lexx?” She couldn’t help but ask, even after what she had seen him do. Could he do things like that all the time?

“No.” Lexx felt his face burn and blood begin to boil in a rage. The look on her face was that of slight fear. It didn’t help that he suddenly felt it. The relay. He cursed it and wished he knew of a way to turn it off. He didn’t want Chel to be afraid of him. She was ignorant of the game and everything that went with it. “Don’t look at me like that!” He snapped at her.

Lexx immediately regretted it as Chel’s gaze immediately fell to the floor. Idiot. Fool. Her feelings were mixed, indecisive,.. helpless. “I’m sorry, Lexx.” Chel muttered, finding that the only appropriate thing to say.

“You did nothing wrong.” Lexx sighed. “She was coming for me. That’s how life is for me. It has nothing to do with you. You can’t be sorry for me.” For a moment, he considered trying to console Chel, but he couldn’t bring himself to move his arms. It was like they were lead weights. Instead, he continued walking, mentally beating himself up over what he should do and why he couldn’t.